Faces Of TOP GUN

Yuki Asanuma, 22, USA

If I had the opportunity to share my experience here at this Global Top Gun workshop with True Mother directly, I’d want her to know this: over the course of the past few years I found myself alone. My close friends left me, my community became a place where I felt no love. Each day was just grinding. Despite knowing, believing and having experienced the capabilities of faith, it was faith that made my life difficult. While others seemed so happy and carefree, I felt alone. The challenges I faced made me question my value as a human being and the validity of God. Before coming here, I felt abandoned, backstabbed and broken hearted from many events that all occurred to me in a short span of time.

Despite all of this, I want True Mother to know I am grateful to have gone through all of those terrible situations. I don’t believe necessarily that God intended the difficulties for me, but I do know that He wants the best for me.

I came here skeptical, confused and frustrated. Yet, I wanted to be open to anything. With my head full of questions and a heavy heart I came here. I heard someone say miracles happen here, which I completely discredited, but in just a week’s time, I feel so much has changed. Questions and responsibilities I burdened myself with for years were lifted. This happened in less than one week. I came hoping to get answers to minimally 1-3 questions but I was given so much more and beyond that. I am excited to know there is still another week or so to go.

Thank you,True Mother, for caring about someone like me.