It's The Last Week!

Global Top Gun is in its final week! They are getting ready to embark on a pilgrimage throughout Korea for two days. As they get ready to go, participants reflect on their time so far, particularly the eventful past couple of days in which they celebrated True Parents’ Birthday, attended the Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship Awards Ceremony, and launched the Peace Road 2016.


“I met True Parents in 2012 many times, and at the Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship ceremony yesterday True Mother presented me with an award and shook my hand. 

Since 2013, I have been working for the education of young Unificationists, and home church witnessing in Sydney and have been trying to fulfill my responsibility to move the providence forward in Australia. I have a deep faith and dedication to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, but I don’t always execute my actions with God. During the Top Gun Workshop, I realized very clearly the true ways to overcome the fallen nature that has been holding me back in my public life. I am extremely goal-focused and ambitious, and I struggled during the last few years to be loving, and I have mistreated people many times. I am very happy because now I can work on my limitations and become a better leader and better member of the community, working toward what I truly believe is right.”

– Kyomi Muraoka, Australia


“Two weeks have passed since the beginning of this workshop, and it feels like a month, as I feel I have received so much education and love from Heavenly Parent and my brothers and sisters here with me. There were actually only a few lectures in which I haven’t shed tears. My heart has been moved so many times, learning the testimonies of those who shared their personal encounters with True Parents. Their life testimonies made the content of the lectures so real and tangible. It feels like a new door in my heart has opened. 

One of my highlights this past week was the event held at the Cheongshim Peace World Center for True Parents’ Birthday. Hearing heads of nations recognizing True Parents as their True Parents with all their heart was very moving. 

The musical show made me realize how much True Parents and our elders gave and sacrificed to break down the wall of this satanic world. Without them we wouldn’t be here today. I can never be grateful enough for all this foundation we’re standing on. I remember coming to this workshop for my own purpose, but I cannot leave and not share what I’ve experienced these days with my brothers and sisters back home.  True Mother can’t wait for us just to share the love. This is a new feeling of responsibility for me.”

– Diane Chaillie, France