Faces Of TOP GUN

My Loving Mothers – by Nicole Thurner


Upon arriving here it’s been clear to me that I want to connect to True Mother, so I’ve made it my goal to build a deeper relationship with True Parents and with God. Over the course of the first week being at Cheong Pyeong I realized so many things. I’ve met many new people from all over the world and I tried to offer several conditions in order to prepare my heart for this week. 


Every day something new happened and we received many blessings already, from going out together to Seoul with In Sup Park to receiving our clan T-shirts and eating great food, and all of this came from God and True Mother. I came to see True Mother’s heart and how she is constantly sending us all her love and messages of encouragement. Several speakers have shared with us her direct message of love for us. Slowly, bit by bit, I’ve come to believe that she truly does. 


For me, a mother figure has always been strong, straightforward, and would point out all the things I should change and improve about myself. I would agree with my own mother on many points but sometimes I was too arrogant to accept such blunt guidance. I’m really making efforts to understand True Mother and I’m starting to love her as her daughter and trying to understand True Mother’s sacrificial heart behind all her messages. 


One year ago I had a beautiful experience at the Tree of Blessing on the mountain here in Cheong Pyeong. I was praying to God and True Parents and the snow was softly falling down from the sky. I said to God, “I love to see the beautiful snow falling. Thank you!” and then it snowed harder and I could feel God’s love. 


Being together with my Global Top Gun family here has made me really happy. I realized that all of them remind me of people and friends I have met before in my life. Before finding out the members of my Global Top Gun family, I asked God to put me in a group that can help me and who I can help. I realized God put me with people who I could work through to restore relationships I have with those back home. My family members are like mirrors of them, so it was easy to love them and through that, forgive the people in my life. God gave me the chance to restore certain relationships in my life within a safe, comforting environment. I am really grateful for this guidance from heaven. 


God and the angels here listened to my daily prayers of connecting to True Mother’s heart, spoken as I walked up the mountain. They helped me realize that the only block towards my goal was my lack of acceptance of and respect towards my own mother’s heart. The motto for the first week of Global Top Gun is: make a substantial relationship with True Parents. I felt God opened the door in my heart to my own mother and taught me to be grateful, repentful, understanding and respectful and most of all, full of love for her. When Mrs. Song visited and gave her testimony, I started to cry a lot. She described the hardships she had gone through and in that moment, I just thought of my own mother, how much she gave up, how sincere and pure she is and I felt she didn’t deserve to suffer so much in her life. I then thought of True Mother and felt I had made a substantial step towards connecting with her through my tears and love for my own mother. 


When our relationship with our own parents is emotionally blocked, it makes it difficult to relate to and build some sort of heartistic relationship with True Parents. I am humbled now before my precious, dedicated, sacrificial and loving Mothers.