Day 10: Evening Tea With Rev. Thompson

This evening, after a day of lecturing, Rev. Thompson got cozy on stage, sitting in a nice chair with a virtual fireplace on the screen behind him and a blanket on his lap. We gathered around him like children as he shared many stories about his experiences with True Parents.



“I was really blown away by Kevin Thompson’s lecture and the amazing stories he told of his early days with True Father,” shared Global Top Gun participant Cliff Gaines. “Those stories are so powerful and moving that they just bring us all to tears. I can’t help but reflect on how incredibly hard it must have been for True Father to establish so much and to go through so much struggle.


As Rev. Thompson was telling his personal story, I was amazed by how human we are and sometimes our focus is on the simple things like, “What time is lunch?” while True Father focused amazingly in one direction: towards God. It was so amazingly powerful. I think there should be a time where all Unificationists, especially of the early days of the movement, should get together and record those stories and archive them.


I have never, ever heard so many stories from so many Unificationists until this workshop, and they’re all amazingly powerful. It just adds proof that True Father had God’s complete attention and that he had one focus throughout his whole life. I just wish I could be like that. Wow.”


As we get ready to celebrate True Parents’ Birthday this weekend, stories like these remind us what the Holy Days are all about.