The Pilgrimage Continues

We continued into a second day of pilgrimage on August 4, stopping at Holy Ground sites in Busan and Mungyeong, respectively.

The group that visited Busan had the opportunity to visit the Beomnaegol Memorial Hall, which was built around the outcropping where True Father and one of his earliest disciples, Won Pil Kim, built a hut out of mud and cardboard in which True Father would complete the original manuscript for the Divine Principle.


A few minutes walk from the memorial hall, we came to the Rock of Tears, where True Father as a young man and later True Parents together, have offered intense and tearful prayers of devotion to realize God’s will for humankind. Connecting to that same, deep spirit of prayer, many of the GTGY participants were similarly moved to tears as they placed their hands on the rock in prayer.


Continuing up the mountain, christened “Mt. Cheonbu” by True Mother in 2001, we finally reached the summit, where you can look out over the whole of the Port of Busan and two, large pagodas stand, each representing True Father and True Mother. True Father was said to walk up to the summit, after a day’s work down in the port, to meditate and reflect on his mission and God’s heart.