A Global Family

It’s been a very active week here in Cheongpyeong so far. In everything we do, we’re growing closer together as one global family. We started off our last week with a GTGY-wide sports day: the Korean, Japanese, and international groups all came together to spend time with each other and have fun outside!


We started out doing the Bounce dance around the Tree of Love in the main courtyard. Some people turned the dance into a competition and wanted to see who could last the longest and set a “Guinness World Record” for dancing to Bounce. A couple of the Cheongpyeong Angels even came out to dance with us and offer moral support to the competitors.


The rest of us went on to play many different sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer, as well as pull-up competitions, jump rope, and relays. As the day drew on and the temperature got hotter, a lot of us just jumped into the spray of the Cheongpyeong floor fountains or the bouncy-castle pool that the staff had rented just for the day. There was a lot of music and laughter–and also a lot of water guns to keep things exciting!


“Today, we’re celebrating sports day with all the Japanese, Korean, and international groups. It really brings all of us together as one family. I’m probably going to do jump rope.” — Kanoka Orikasa, Norman, OK, USA

“Right now we’re having this wonderful GTGY sports day. We’re all having fun here, the over 1200 people here, and there’s so many simple sports here, but they’re also so complicated. Many people are just enjoying it, but some people are also being very competitive to set the Guinness World Record for GTGY. I think it’s an amazing day that God gave for all of us. We’re going to enjoy our time here and have a great time with our brothers and sisters from all around the world.” — Yasuharu To, New Jersey, USA


A couple of days later, we participated in a Peace Road event by the DMZ. Just like the participants at the Global Top Gun workshop in February, we had a chance to ride bikes representing God and True Parents’ dream for a peaceful world and demonstrating our desire to see North and South Korea peacefully united.


During the opening ceremony of the Peace Road event, some of us had the opportunity to perform the “Waka Waka Dance” in the spirit of creating a united world. After hearing several inspiring speeches about the importance of North-South reunification, about 60 of us released doves of peace into the air as a symbol of hope.


Finally, about 200 of us took to the road! Many of us felt that this was a really special opportunity to be together and serve God and True Parents, representing nations from all around the world.


“What Peace Road means to me is all of the countries coming together to ride for peace. It’s really symbolic and it’s very beautiful. I’m kind of nervous, but I’m also feeling excited. Everyone here is from different countries and we’re coming together to ride for peace. I’ve never been to the border, either, so I’m kind of nervous about that, but also excited. I’ve never seen North Korea before.” – Anick Muleki, Dallas, TX, USA

“We’re here doing the Waka Waka dance, representing the USA and the world. The song is about how during hard times you have to keep going and keep working hard. It’s a really good song. It’s very fitting today because we come from all different types of nations and it’s also a song about unity, so it really brings us together.” — Eli Izumi, Pennsylvania, USA