Day 2: Sports Festival


What an exhausting and exciting day.

We spent the entire day having fun, playing games, and enjoying each other’s company. The program was divided into two sessions: morning and afternoon.

In the morning session, we played games that were focused on our clans, which are groups of three families (~24 people). Though it was hard to come up with activities involving this many people, we still travelled together in clans and went from station to station. The activities included team jump rope, catching water balloons, and balancing on one leg for a minute.


One common theme among a lot of these activities was the importance of teamwork and unity. Through these activities, we were able to break even more barriers, whether they were linguistic or cultural, unite together as one clan (and one family), and really learn about one another by spending our time together. It’s also hard to deny that these games were really well-planned.

In the afternoon, we played games that were focused on our entire tribes, which are groups of clans (~300 people). There are four tribes in total, and they are appropriately named Freedom, Peace, Unity, and Happiness. With this many people in a tribe, there were only a handful of possible activities we can do. Thus, within our tribe, we created a giant balloon tower that reached the ceiling, passed a hoola-hoop through everybody while linking hands, and carried an entire person through a crowd of people in our tribes, among other things.


Once again, these activities reinforced unity, but this time on a larger, tribal scale. Since we were able to meet altogether as a workshop (~1200 people), it created an even larger sense of unity. Everyone seemed to be enthusiastic and grateful about the unity-building activities that were given.

And as if that wasn’t enough unity, to cap off our evening session, we practiced our chants in our tribes. The main reason why this is so important is because we will be presenting these in front of True Mother tomorrow at Cheon Jung Gung. It doesn’t get any better than this.

So as amazing as today was, we have a huge day to look forward to tomorrow.